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Posted by Jason on 2018-12-13 08:00:26
I have decided to take a trip to the mountains tomorrow, staying in the excellent Bürgerbräu Bad Reichenhall. It's been snowing the last few days and the forecast is to be sunny so Saturday will see some 'winter wandern'.

First stop tomorrow though (or rather second stop as I'll have a beer in Traunstein) will be Augustiner Brau Salzburg. Right now they have their bockbier which I have never tried and their very seasonal (4 days) Stachelbier which is also new to me. The latter is their maerzen beer, I think a 33cl served in a 50cl glass, and a red hot poker is inserted for a few seconds into the beer (yes, the beer). The result is a maltier, caramalised beer which I reckon is a similar, much less labour intensive, alternative to steinbier. Any residual sugars in the beer caramalise. Whilst the beer is warmed it is only a slight change, so don't confuse this with Glühbier (or the beer warmers in Franken, which are definitely not the same). 

I can quite happily sit on one of the many beerhalls and drink just their maerzen, so having a choice of 3 beers will be a treat. I will report back tomorrow - maybe someone has had stachelbier somewhere? 
   Stachelbier  by TreinJan on  2018-12-13 11:22:35
   Stachelbier  by TomM on  2018-12-14 14:40:32
     Stachelbier  by Jason on  2018-12-15 09:57:56
       Stachelbier  by Mike on  2018-12-17 02:37:42
       Stachelbier  by AndyH on  2018-12-17 04:20:02
         Stachelbier  by Jason  on  2018-12-17 06:04:57
   Stachelbier  by Andrew H on  2018-12-19 07:46:50
   Stachelbier  by Andrew H on  2018-12-19 07:46:50
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