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FeWo recommendations
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2018-12-14 05:04:55
Thanks but only just survived.  Moral of the story: don't try to compete with the 'big' boys - day or night!

It was as excellent as usual, with 'Old Trip' in good form.. Howeverr, we started with a couple in my new local 'The Black Cloak', which Maps tell me is 450 feet (120 meteres?) from my front door.  Too near for safety.  They've got a cute little one barrel mini-brewery in which they brew their standard session pale ale at 3.7% but very nice and tasty.  Then two more handpumps, which usually feature Heavy Industry beer (that's where the owners come from).  My US-friends would feel at home because it's really designed like a minature US-pub with a wall full of keg taps - looks quite ornate, even if I won't be trying them!

They also brew a bright beer i.e. fermetned and then stored in tanks under CO2 - not filtered and strong enough at 5.7%.  I tried a sample and it was quite tasty but oh so fizzy!  The decour is unfussy but pleasant and the owners are very friendly and chatty.  An excellent acquisition for the Bay and Colwyn's East End.
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