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Posted by Jason on 2018-11-23 04:41:56
I refer to our estemmed colleague Barry's comments regarding his Braunbier at Klosterbraeu a few weeks ago. I don't dispute his experience, just reflecting my own. 

I did the underground Keller tour in Bamberg last week, under the Stephensberg. It was interesting if a little boring when you already know a lot of the beer history (it was focussed on the Bamberg brewing tradition). Anyway, afterwards we went to eat at Klosterbraue. The Croatian Igor was behind the taps and as usual his tapping was exemplary. The Kellerbier was very very good, as was the bockbier. Overall a very positive drinking experience. 

I was talking with Florian Merz on Wednesday and he said that all the beers are brewed at Klosterbrau... he asked the brewer himself. I've heard equally credible opinions to the contrary so I'm none the wiser really. 

Finally, yesterday a friend had A NEW RAUCHBIER that Klosterbrau have brewed from the tanks. It will be ready in 14 days - a very positive development, albeit perhaps commercially driven in an attempt to lure some customers away from Schlenkerla and cash in on the association of Bamberg with rauchbier. 

I will report back when I have tried it. But the take over by Kaiserdom is cautiously looking positive, albeit a shame they couldn't do this as an independant brewery. 
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