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10 days itinerary (Franken, Oberpfalz, Plsen)
Posted by Barry on 2018-11-24 06:08:38
Sounds excellent.  But tell me, Gundel, I think that we went there, as you were taking bottles back.  The Stube was closed but we sat in the nice garden in the sunshine and drank from bottles bought in the brewery (you had anticpated and brought glasses!).  Quite a hoppy beer, I seem to recall.

Hennemann, presumably Sambach?  If so, went with Nick.  Quite an interesting range of beers, a little bit different.  Braeuwerk, Drossendorf?  Don't know at all, not in Fred's directory of breweries?

Enjoy (as if you won't!).
                   10 days itinerary (Franken, Oberpfalz, Plsen) by moleha4 on  2018-11-26 00:12:17
                   10 days itinerary (Franken, Oberpfalz, Plsen) by J├╝rgen Wening on  2018-11-26 07:22:56
                     10 days itinerary (Franken, Oberpfalz, Plsen) by Barry Taylor on  2018-11-26 09:32:38
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