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St Georgen, Buttenheim
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2018-11-20 10:08:50
It's really hard to judge beers on an occasional visit, as you say.  I enjoyed Loewenbraue when I stayed in Buttenheim for a couple of weeks, both in the Keller and the Stube.  But I don't think it was great, just enjoyable on the occasion.  Certainly not a patch on Eichorn, where the Dunkel is adorable - too adorable!

St Georgen doesn't bare thinking about.  On my last visit to the Keller with Andrew, it was bad enough for us to throw away.  A rare sight with parsimonious pensioners!  Mind you, the Helles in Drosendorf was as bad but I struggled through it under the eyes of the owner!
                         St Georgen, Buttenheim by Jason on  2018-11-20 11:05:31
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