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St Georgen, Buttenheim
Posted by pivnizub on 2018-11-19 22:44:15
Löwenbräu is still one of my favourites, but maybe it tastes better at the source, because the pub is just great. I have to admit, that Lieberth and Witzgall are surely better, IMHO the best beers You can get in Franconia...
                 St Georgen, Buttenheim by Jason  on  2018-11-20 06:51:11
                   St Georgen, Buttenheim by Barry Taylor on  2018-11-20 10:10:22
                     St Georgen, Buttenheim by Jason on  2018-11-20 11:12:24
                       St Georgen, Buttenheim by Mark Andersen on  2018-11-20 11:35:06
                         St Georgen, Buttenheim by Barry Taylor on  2018-11-20 12:09:33
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