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St Georgen, Buttenheim
Posted by Jason on 2018-11-20 06:51:11
Witzgall is very good, wouldn't disagree with that. But there are better, to my taste, niether would be in my top 10, not that it is important to anyone else but me. 

Interesting point: I drink a lot of Moenchsambacher in Rotenschild in Bamberg, served BA. It's never as good as in the brewery, and it's not just the atmosphere. Beer is always better at source, it's not meant to be put in a lorry and driven around etc etc. 
                   St Georgen, Buttenheim by Barry Taylor on  2018-11-20 10:10:22
                     St Georgen, Buttenheim by Jason on  2018-11-20 11:12:24
                       St Georgen, Buttenheim by Mark Andersen on  2018-11-20 11:35:06
                         St Georgen, Buttenheim by Barry Taylor on  2018-11-20 12:09:33
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