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Off to Franken
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2018-11-13 02:06:46
So, back from Franken - kitchen renovation still ongoing, house still a building site!

A very nice week, thanks Frank (even though you're probably not reading this!) for being a good host and Jason for being a good companion for so much of the time.  I'm still recovering - haven't not yet learned that I can't drink toe to toe with younger people nowadays!

Hard to know what to say, as I can't think of anything adventurous or different done during the week.  No, just the same boring trips around the same old beautiful places, including Markendorf (couple of times, sorry about the football result, Jason), Dorfleins (the Dunkel was so more-ish) and, of course, Forcheim (what trip to Franken could possible leave out Neder!).  I did venture into Mahrs for first time for maybe four years,  Same old lovely Schwemme but the U just a pale carbonated version of its former self.  Ditto visit to Klosterbraue - what is there not to like about this place: a proper Schwemme (even with seats, Mahrs take note), very pleasant inside but, oh, I forgot the Braunbier.  At first so fizzy that I was burping after three mouthfuls, then, after leaving for a time and a bit of swirling around, flat, flat, flat, and as bland and sweet as can be.  Probably another four years (if ever) I return to either.

What else, well I learned a bit more about Schafkopf - actually enough to persuade me never to get into a game where there's money involved (more thanks to JW) - drank a lot more than I should have but had a thoroughly good time and met some lovely people.  What more can you ask?

             Off to Franken by Jason  on  2018-11-13 05:45:51
               Off to Franken by Barry Taylor on  2018-11-13 07:10:02
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