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OT very: Bangkok
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2018-10-24 13:14:03
Ok, in response to my 'friend' Juergen, a totally innocent potential visit but it's not going to happen now.  It's a bit complicated but I'm having delapidated kitchen renovated so I thought that I'd get out of the way and decided to visit my sister in Aussie.  But, as I didn't want to fly non-stop, and didn't fancy Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, UAE, etc., thought Thailand might be nice.

However, as I'm awaiting a final hospital diagnosis, I can't get get travel insurance, so I ain't going nowhere, including Aussie.   I'm writing this sitting in the wreckage of my house - consolation, 4 pints of nice Moose Snowdonia and quite a good meal in the Jalsa, Conwy.

Don, I so appreciate the opinions of my friends on this Forum (but only on beer), that I always float questions here first.  It's a Stammtisch and, on the Stammtisch, the conversation flows freely!
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