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OT very: Bangkok
Posted by Barry Taylor on 2018-10-25 09:22:10
Exactly.  Because of the free exchange of information, a number of contributors have got to know each other over the years (not an exclusive group, open to anyone!) and this has led to many enjoyable meetings.  As Isay, I value the opinion of my esteemed forum colleagues, so often float OT ideas here - why not, anyone can?

Kitchen is a headache and, as a matter of fact, I'm seeing if I can find somewhere to stay in Bamberg next week (at a reasonable cost for a penurious oap) to escape the banging and crashing and lack of amenities!

Don't worry about the diagnosis but thank you, I'm not too concerned.  Incidentally, I had a really nice Indian (well, Bangladeshi, like most so-called Indian restaurants in UK) in Conwy last night.  Excellent veg Madras and interesting conversation with the waiter/part owner.
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