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another closure
Posted by Barry on 2018-09-24 09:41:37
Slightly longer, I think but, no matter, it's a tragedy!  Really nice family running the place, very friendly.  But I couldn't see how it was going to survive.  I asked the young son (he was always wanting to practice his English) about the business and he said that people used to come from Staffelstein because it was the nearest place where you could get proper German food.  Don't know about that but, if true, it seems that maybe not enough people want to eat proper German food!

Anyway, it's a real shame, not the least because it is right opposite my Fewo!  But the beer was good and Dave Greenlee had a meal and he said that it was ok.  The Keller serves (not surprisingly) Kellerbier, which the Schwann didn't (Helles und Dunkles).  I'll probably still stay in Ebensfeld because its conveneint for lots of places.

Ok Jason, I'll add it to the list of pubs that I'm going to take over. 
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