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another closure
Posted by M. Berger on 2018-09-26 03:05:39
Bavaria has been losing breweries for years. As breweries close, so do pubs. While the other German states have gained breweries, Bavaria has been losing them: between 1993 and 2017, Bavaria lost 126 breweries. As late as 1990, there were still a significant number of communal breweries in Bavaria. Most have since closed. While some have been renovated and put back into service, very few of them support or  are supported by pubs. I was in Unfinden for a festival celebrating the renovated communal brewery and speaking with the people there, I found the only ones who benefited from the brewery are members of  the club that renovated it. Sesslach is the only town I know where the  communal brewery has been renovated and the beer distributed to several local pubs as well as the townfolk. The communal brewery in Sesslach used to have it's own communal pub, but that's been converted by the town into a  tourist information office.

There is in Waischenfeld the remains of the old communal brewery (IIRC, it's across the street from Heckel Bräu). Apparently no one is  interested in renovating it. As I recall, the old brewery has large windows and it's easy to look inside at  the remains. I'm positive that Waischenfeld is  not the only town in this situation.
                 another closure by Barm on  2018-09-26 04:02:48
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