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another closure
Posted by Barry on 2018-09-26 12:29:10
Don't want to dampen your enthusiasm for all things Eichorn but Doerfleins is not great for public transport into Bamberg. I've stayed in Doerfleins (and Hallstadt) and the bus service from Bamberg is ok - unless you want to stay out after 7 pm!  The last 904 from ZOB is 1908, after that, it's the ALT service.

There are later trains but it's not a five minute walk from Doerfleins to Bhf Hallstadt.  Although comparatively aged, I'm a reasonably quick walker and it took me around 20 minutes from Eichorn to the station - and I know the shortcuts etc.  I've researched the railline for Fewo's pretty thoroughly in both directions from Bamberg over the years and stopped staying in Doerfleins (where we had a lovely Fewo) because of this problem.  This is not to say don't stay in Doerfleins, just to point out the facts.  On the website, the Fewo looks very nice but I can't see any mention of the price and I suspect that it's not going to be cheap - in general, Hallstadt isn't.

Incidentally, when I opened the Eichorn website, I was redirected to the website for Brauerausch, which is a collaboration with Wagner, Kemmern (both excellent breweries).  Very snazzy production (Miss Binz was rather different from the usual run of Doerfleins and Kemmern Kellnerin!).  Has anyone (Jason?) tried this beer, which sounds more like a contemporary British or American concept - at least in its marketing?
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