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another closure
Posted by Barry on 2018-09-27 03:37:45
You're a young fit lad - my comments were made for those who aren't in football training.

No argument about Eichorn beer, it's excellent and has improved greatly (IMHO) since we holidayed in Doerflein a few years ago.  It also seems a much more popular and friendly pub than it did then but maybe we just weren't used to quaint traditions ,like unscheduled closing and shutting early because Bayern were on the tely.  All part of the charm of Frankische life, I suppose.  I'm certainly not saying don't go!

Don't rub it in about the Schwann, I'm still recovering from the news, though, in truth, I didn't go in that often; funilly enough, it was usual when I had visitors.  The Keller is about an easy and delightful ten minute stroll from the centre of downtown Ebensfeld and Martin is not a lot more.  Yes, all the other localish places are a bit of a stretch but there are plenty of them, whereas, apart from Kemmern, nothing is so easy from Doerfleins (apart from the insect-ridden but lovely Diller Keller and, possibly, the Goldene Loewven - if it's still open.  Oh yes, there's also a Faessla, which might appeal?)..

But the the other main attraction of Ebensfeld is that you are only five minutes from the Bahnhof and all the wondrous places that the Deutsche Bahn can reveal - especailly with a month's ticket!

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