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Brauerei Weber, Röbersdorf - and other tidbits
Posted by Barry on 2018-09-24 09:49:59
Sorry, that news was included in my not reporting my visit to Eschawo in detail!

Yes, young Moritz has bought a former inductrial brewing plant a few kilometres from Eschawo.  Apparently, it has a pretty big brewing capacity and he intends to brew craft beers!  Well, well.  But, I suppose that he fits the profile being young and interested in brewing (he is a Braumeister having served his time at Gambrinus in Weiden - must remember to ask him about the lack of draught beer in the tap next time I see him!).

He is also 'going steady' (maybe actually engaged) and, given all the circumstances (his current non-brewing job involves a lot of travelling), I suppose that he wants to branch out.  I suppose that he'll keep brewing for his dad and maybe stop experimenting with the Zoigl!
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