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Ot: Do not forsake me ...
Posted by Barry on 2018-09-14 03:14:11
No, I haven't but I think everyone has heard enough of Eschawo to last more than a lifetime!
Just to say that I had a lovely 10 days, as usual, and was pleased to welcome one of our resident Bamburg correspondents for a day. Sad to say that the Eschawo Zoiglstub'n put on a really poor show, with almost undrinkable beer (it was really undrinkable but I forced it down as a token of good will). Fortunately, the Zoigl in Lingl Neuhaus was excellent - good enough for Jason to take two litres back home. Talk about carrying coals, etc.

I'm now in beautiful Prague being guided by Fred's very handy, and comprehensive, guide. Rather than go off-topic anymore, if you are really desperate, you can read all about my time here on my FB page, complete with pictures, now that i've just about got the hang of it.

Only to say that it's great. Thanks to Jason for encouraging me to make the short trip and to Fred for his guide!
   Ot: Do not forsake me ... by AndyH on  2018-12-05 04:38:08
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