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36 Kreisla -- Bamberg Landkreisbier
Posted by Gerhard Schoolmann on 2018-08-19 05:12:24
The Bauernmuseum Bamberger Land in Frensdorf is in the ownerschip of the Landkreis Bamberg. So the Landkreis can use his own building. It is also a nice place for such events with a room for 140 guests, p.e. invited journalists and VIPs..

The individual breweries can organize their own beer taps in their brewery restaurants.

But I agree that the beers have been traditional - not to say boring - in the last years.
Only a special edition in the year 2016 (Binkert, Hertl, Sauer Rossdorf) was a little bit different: a dry hopped bock. It was a second beer in the year 2016 because of  the purity law (500 years jubilee)..

         36 Kreisla -- Bamberg Landkreisbier by Jason on  2018-08-19 11:21:03
           36 Kreisla -- Bamberg Landkreisbier by Barm on  2018-09-07 02:59:54
             36 Kreisla -- Bamberg Landkreisbier by Jason on  2018-09-08 03:22:58
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