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36 Kreisla -- Bamberg Landkreisbier
Posted by Jason on 2018-08-19 11:21:03
No, not to say boring. I certainly don’t need a dry hopped bock. Just something in between. 

I was in a brewery in Prague the other day that had a beer on bayerischer Anstich which was called Ur Brau 1560. The beer was brewed to a recipe from that year, without hops and with flowers and herbs (from what my limited Czech could tell me). I could only drink a small glass, it was more interesting than good. 

Not or calling for such extremes, but I hope for more from 3 good breweries - perhaps that Kellerbier will be excellent, we’ll see. Would love to try something like fullers past masters series where they recreated everything from old recipes, including kilning brown malt for their outstanding brown stout. Of course that’s expensive. 
           36 Kreisla -- Bamberg Landkreisbier by Barm on  2018-09-07 02:59:54
             36 Kreisla -- Bamberg Landkreisbier by Jason on  2018-09-08 03:22:58
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