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Kulmbacher Bier Woche
Posted by Jason on 2018-08-07 03:12:02
You prefer Trebgast to what? Kulmbach? I'd prefer most places to Kulmbach. If you mean Kronach I would somewhat disagree, it has more than just the 2 breweries being an historic town etc. FYI Trebgast only has one brewery, Haberstumpf, which no longer has a tap but you can get the beers from an Italian restaurant of good quality. 
       Kulmbacher Bier Woche by Mike on  2018-08-07 07:27:39
         Kulmbacher Bier Woche by TreinJan on  2018-08-07 08:28:10
           Kulmbacher Bier Woche by Mike on  2018-08-07 09:02:35
             Kulmbacher Bier Woche by TomM on  2018-08-07 09:16:11
               Kulmbacher Bier Woche by Jason on  2018-08-07 12:22:38
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