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Kraus Hirschaid
Posted by Jason on 2018-08-07 12:26:47
I’m yet to meet a local that likes Kraus. A Bamberg local that is, probably plenty in Hirschaid. I know it has its fans on here (respected fans as well) so don’t take it as a personal affront, but I haven’t heard such a united stance against one brewery. Kraus beer does not generally give a positive reaction. 

I’m just the messenger, no personal opinion. 
           Kraus Hirschaid by John Ratcliffe on  2018-08-08 01:08:12
           Kraus Hirschaid by Andrew H on  2018-08-08 06:43:46
             Kraus Hirschaid by Mosquit on  2018-08-08 11:26:43
               Kraus Hirschaid by Andrew H on  2018-08-08 12:09:13
             Kraus Hirschaid by Andrew H on  2018-08-08 12:29:58
               Kraus Hirschaid by barry on  2018-08-08 13:18:18
                 Kraus Hirschaid by Jason  on  2018-08-09 00:59:11
                   Kraus Hirschaid by barry on  2018-08-09 04:21:25
               Kraus Hirschaid by Jason  on  2018-08-09 07:27:33
                 Kraus Hirschaid by Mark Andersen on  2018-08-09 07:51:49
                 Kraus Hirschaid by Andrew H on  2018-08-09 08:08:47
                     Northern bitter (was:Kraus Hirschaid) by Barm on  2018-08-10 03:23:15
                       Northern bitter (was:Kraus Hirschaid) by barry on  2018-08-10 05:06:18
                 Kraus Hirschaid by FredW on  2018-08-10 07:45:58
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