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Kraus Hirschaid
Posted by barry on 2018-08-08 13:18:18
As someone said to me this last weekend, there's a beer for everyone and it's quite obvious that so much is down to personal taste.  Also, beers change, brewers get better - or sometimes worse.  I remember staying in Doerfleins a few years ago and finding the beer moderate and the pub not especially friendly (not opening when they were supposed to, closing early because there was a football match invovlving a certain team from Muenchen on the telly, etc.).  But, recent visits with Jason have revealed quite a different place: good to excellent beer, friendly-ish hosts and and a nice atmosphere.

Personally, I have always found Kraus quite good; maybe not the best but fairly decent across quite a wide spread of beers.  Their beer is, of course, rather different from that of the Bamberg breweries.  One thing they have in common with Spezial and Schlenkerla is a Rauchbier (Hirschentrunk?) but it is as different from either Bamberg Rauchbier as Spezial's offering is from Schlenkerla's.  Is one better than the other?  It's all down to personal taste.

Personaly, if the weather is good and I'm in Hirschaid, I'd ramble down to Hirschaada Keller - just such a nice place to drink.
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