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Kraus Hirschaid
Posted by Andrew H on 2018-08-08 06:43:46
That's really interesting Jason. And a little puzzling? My post was mostly to do with the accommodation because ( as you know) I have been staying there lately.All I can say is I have always found the beer fine (highly carbonated though)which I have no problem with.I have encountered this "thing'' in Franken before. Merkendorf springs to mind,where the occupants of one tap could not believe that I had drunk " That crap" from Hummel. So feel free to make assumptions from
             Kraus Hirschaid by Mosquit on  2018-08-08 11:26:43
               Kraus Hirschaid by Andrew H on  2018-08-08 12:09:13
               Kraus Hirschaid by Jason  on  2018-08-09 07:27:33
                 Kraus Hirschaid by Mark Andersen on  2018-08-09 07:51:49
                 Kraus Hirschaid by Andrew H on  2018-08-09 08:08:47
                 Kraus Hirschaid by FredW on  2018-08-10 07:45:58
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