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German beer around 1900
Posted by Mike on 2018-07-24 05:02:10
I was fortunate enough to sample the Ritterguts Gose at the Berlin beer festival around 2006 or so. I found it a lovely beer and remember well how it tasted.

When I was in Leipzig several years ago, you are correct that both Ohne Bedenken and the Bayrischer Bahnhof had descriptions in their menus that mentioned both ingredients that I say they lacked.

The problem is that what is on a menu is not always what arrives in your glass. I spoke with a waitress at the Bayrisher Bahnhof and she brought a brewer who claimd both ingredients were in the beer, however so little or so subtle that you could not taste them. Which is precisely why I described it as a variation of Berliner Weisse.
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