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German beer around 1900
Posted by Jason on 2018-07-24 14:01:46
I’ve been to Leipzig and tried both ohne bedenken and bayerischer Bahnhof. Both tasted of salt and coriander. Whilst i love the history and appreciate the style, they aren’t beers I would session on. There’s a reason why they are niche, like lichtenhainer. Perhaps the same as rauchbier, but, I like rauchbier, especially Spezial and Schlenkerla. So if you like Gose congrats! 

Of course now its all gone nuts with Gose and Berliner Weise the big thing currently - purely of course because they taste odd (and then are craft converted to contain all sorts of nonsense) and beer geeks can sneer down their noses at non converts who clearly ‘don’t know their beer’. 

Im only 33 - god knows what I’ll be like when I reach Barry’s age?! ;) 

                           German beer around 1900 by barry on  2018-07-25 04:49:06
                             Red Willow by Mark Andersen on  2018-07-25 11:05:33
                               Red Willow by barry on  2018-07-25 13:49:33
                                 Red Willow by Jason  on  2018-07-26 00:12:41
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