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OT: Rom
Posted by Jason on 2018-06-28 08:03:09
I’m currently in les vignerons, A very good beer/wine shop in trastevere (one of the great beer districts of the world) and there are bottles from lieberth, Gradl (!?), Spezial (rarely seen outside Bamberg), knoblach and others. You wouldn’t get that selection in a Franconian shop. But then that’s the tradition, beer is brewed for the locals, not to be sent to far flung cities like Bamberg or elsewhere. 

I’ve nothing against other places doing it, but if I could just go to the shop in Bamberg and buy Gradl or lieberth or whatever bottle I wanted it would take the fun out of taking trips out and earning your beer, whether with bike, public transport or generous drivers. The history, personalities and nuances that all these breweries/villages have are something that craft beer can never capture, for all its qualities. 

Thats ts why we love Franken. 
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