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update and discrepancies needed poss?
Posted by Mark Andersen on 2018-04-18 04:00:48
Oddly enough and thankfully the practice has become less common in the US.  Not sure why this is other than the explosion in actually breweries has made it very hard for gypsy breweries to compete.  A brewery can compete because in many states here (like Massachusetts) a real brewery can get a license to open it's own taproom and sell it's beer directly to the consumers (i.e much better profit margin) whereas the gypsy brewers have to compete for increasingly crowded space on the shelf of a store or a tap at a bar they don't own.  The last gypsy brewery near me on Cape Cod (Naukabout brewery) finally opened it's own brewery and taproom a few weeks ago and gladly for me very close to my house.  I literally can kayak across a lake to get there which I have every intention of doing this summer (and yes I will drink moderately and wear a life vest - for those of you shaking your heads right now).

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