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Fraenkisches Bierfest, Nuernberg / (new brewery?)
Posted by moleha4 on 2018-04-05 05:46:44
Have just checked the website for this annual Bier Festival (30 May-03 June). 2018 Line up of local brewers very similar to previous years, and international guest brewery represented is Belhaven from Scotland - part of Greene King IIRC. I don't see Scotland being overun with Franconian visitors as a result.
I also found (to me) a new brewery Waldschatz, based at Hausen bei Wuerzburg, who appear to be related to Ines' Beerstore. From much of their website I was expecting a "craft" operation, which may in time be the case, although their one bottled beer currently shown in photos is their Helles. Photos certainly give the impression that they have their own brewing kit on site.   
   Fraenkisches Bierfest, Nuernberg / (new brewery?) by Jason  on  2018-04-05 06:05:19
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