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Helga Spotted
Posted by Jason on 2018-04-05 05:28:08
On Tuesday I spotted Helga daintily pouring beers in Spezial - she's back!

On the same night I managed to lock myself out of my apartment, went back to see if I'd left my keys in Spezial (shut, 11.03pm), asked Helga (standing outside) for help which she flatly refused and had to call Florian Merz to get Julia Merz's number to cycle back and let me in. I'm in the dog house with her as she had to get up at 5am. But then they shut too early, so my sympathy is limited. 

My keys weren't there so I ended up staying the night in Spezi. I'd only drunk 2 beers. Cost me €20 (Frau Merz certainly had sympathy). Sure, Helga didn't have a key but she couldn't give a s***. 

She's back. 
   Helga Spotted  by barry on  2018-04-05 06:16:50
     Helga Spotted  by Jason  on  2018-04-05 06:40:02
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   Helga Spotted  by Andrew H on  2018-04-05 12:05:32
   Helga Spotted  by Uncle Jimbo on  2018-04-06 19:25:04
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