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Bambergtrip - some questions
Posted by Jason on 2018-03-14 01:38:17
One suggestion would be to take the bus to Grasmannsdorf (around 12noon, arrives 13.10) for a quick beer in the excellent Brauerei Kaiser, then you can take the 13.50 bus to Moenschsambach (arrives 14.05) then there are regular buses to Burgebrach (direction Bamberg) where you could visit Brauerei Schwann. There are then regular buses back to Bamberg. 

Brauerei Kaiser and Zehendner are both excellent. Schwann is fine (nice keller, but early April is a bit early). 

If the weather is ok and you would prefer to walk I would say train to Breitengussbach to visit Main Seidla (closes at 12noon), then walk to Kemmern to Wagner and then walk to Doerfleins. Regular trains back from Hallstadt. 
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