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Bambergtrip - sone questions
Posted by Mark Andersen on 2018-03-15 12:10:03
Personally I think Knoblach is worth the visit if you have the time.  As always the question is are there other places that are also easily reachable that are also worth the visit or even better.  Of course the answer is yes and therein lies the dilemma of Franconia.  So many places and so little time and that is why some of us just keep going back.

Jason and others have mentioned many of the other possibilities.  I would like to add one to the list of choices as a really nice beer hike.  Reckendorf to Ebing.  You can start and end on a rail line and there are at least 3 excellent breweries along the way.  Schroll in Reckendorf (I will start here the next time I do this).  Then hike over the ridge to the next valley to the east and visit the brewery in Hofen (one of my personal favorites).  From there onto Ebing for Schwanen Brau which is also a really nice place and beer.  A very doable hike with some nice scenary as well.  And if you've got time you could add in a couple of the other breweries within a reasonable detour such as  Fischer in Freudeneck and Sonnenbrau in Muersbach for an even longer detour.  You may also want to stop in at the other brewery in Reckendorf but it's not great IMO.
     Bambergtrip - sone questions  by barry on  2018-03-15 15:57:29
       Bambergtrip - sone questions  by Mark Andersen on  2018-03-15 16:13:43
       Bambergtrip - sone questions  by Jason  on  2018-03-16 03:38:27
       Bambergtrip - sone questions  by barry on  2018-03-16 10:27:56
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