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Mahrs Brau Facebook Video: Wiezenbock Anstich
Posted by Jason on 2018-03-08 00:37:24
Mahrs replaced their own weizen with Gutmann's. However they still brew their own Fettagsweisse and the Weizenbock. The introduction of Gutmann is actually one of the positive developments as their weissbiers are excellent. So throughout the year if you order a weizen in Mahr it will be from Gutmann unless it's the Fettags or Bock. 

Herr Gutmann was talking mainly about how they have a tasting each Friday at Gutmann featuring beers from other breweries and that the Mahrs bock would feature this week (their own Weizenbock is better, ironically).

To your question; as stated the bock isn't brewed in Titting afaik. Mahrs haven't used Gutmann to contract brew, they have merely taken their Weizen so they don't have to brew their own version themselves (just brewing lagers is much simpler). Hence it IS common is for the brewing of Weizen to be outsourced - Spezial weizen isn't brewed in Bamberg, though the malt used is malted at the brewery and then sent to another brewery to brew. Other small breweries often don't bother brewing a weizen (e.g. Hoelzlein) but they serve Weizen from another brewery (in Hoelzlein's case, Grasser) due to the popularity.    

As i say, Weizen is complicated to brew, requiring a different yeast, malts and brewing procedure. This is why you have a number of Weissbier only breweries, e.g. Schneider, Wiehenstephan, Gutmann, Karg etc. 
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