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Posted by Gerhard Schoolmann on 2018-02-22 08:58:05
I believe, the situation has hanged in some breweries in the last ten years and they try to get new customers and hold the volume of beer sales:

- We see a decline of beer sales in Germany, also in the most small breweries in Bamberg Country. The breweries have to fight for their sales.
The next generation of brewmasters is more open miind. p.e. Johannes Knoblach, Johann Hölzlein, Sigmund Brockhard jr. (Greifenklau etc.:
. The breweries see that they can sell their beers to Berlin, Italy etc. For some years it was for me a problem to ask the brewery Knbolach for their beers. Now the brewmsster visits beerfestivals in Rome etc. to offer his beers  At the last "Bier & Wurst" in Barlin Stefan Zehendner (M√∂nchaambacher) has tapped his Lager on gravity. The Bamberger Hopfengarten (which ennobles beers from Keesmann) will have a stall at the next beerfestival "Festival der Bierkulturen" in Cologne. etc.
         Seinsheim by Mads on  2018-02-25 08:23:27
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