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Kaiser, Grasmannsdorf and fastenbier
Posted by Jason on 2018-02-15 09:50:07
Stopped by for a couple of beers after work at snowy Kaiser. As usual very good, pils and fest weizen. This brewery really has grown on me and is a favourite. If anyone is in bamberg on a Tuesday when Ruhetags bugger up plans try grasmannsdorf, mönchsambach, Burgebrach and debring (all by bus). The latter couple are nothing special but the Keller in burgebrach is very nice.

I also sampled the fastenbier in Schlenkerla yesterday. Well I had 5. It was superb. Obviously it only lasts for 40 days so not such a well known beer. Smoky, unfiltered and 5,5% (and of course gravity dispensed). That’s the extent of my tasting notes. 
   Kaiser, Grasmannsdorf and fastenbier by barry on  2018-02-23 06:24:25
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