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Mahr's U brewed in UK?
Posted by barry on 2018-02-14 05:04:44
Chaps, it was a kind off hand comment that referred to both the financial aspect and the 'quality' of the business.  I've seen good, well-run businesses (good working conditions and also making a bit of money - not too much though!) destroyed by children who haven't a clue and no interest other than just asset stripping.

Re Mahrs: you've probably seen Gerhard's posting about Mahrs' tie up in the UK on FB, but, for those who haven't: [ ] will take you there.  

Sure you'll like this:

'a collaboration between restaurateurs Luke Wilson and Cameron Emirali, who run 10 Greek Street, distributor Nick Trower of Biercraft and Stephan Michel, the owner of Mahr’s Bräu, the craft-beer world’s favourite traditional German brewery.'

Looking at Biercraft's website, they seem to be at some odd end of the microbrewer market and Braybrooke weren't around to make the 2018 GBG.  

It's a strange old beer world that we inhabit today.  Certainly something for everybody, which, I suppose, in my liberal way of thinking (!), is a good thing!

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