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Mahr's U brewed in UK?
Posted by barry on 2018-02-14 14:54:50
Just on Zoigl: yes, the Zoigl brewers of Eschawo, Neuhaus, etc.,etc., tried to get preferntial treatment for Zoigl but it was rejected on the grounds that is wasn't a different beer, i.e. one that was brewed to a different recipe ,etc., etc.  Probably true, it is the tradition of Zoigl that is important, not the beer. 

Because they didn't have the money to pursue this through the law courts, the decided to try to 'trade mark' the name 'Echte Zoigl'.  Were they successful in the sense of protecting the concept?  Probably no.  But they are a bunch of small part-time business people, part-time brewers, in 5 different small towns, separated by quite a lot of kilometres, fighting against a lot of money.  It just wasn't worth their while proceeding.  

I could discuss this all day and all night but people on this Forum have heard it so often, they probably wish I'd go away - but someone has to do it!
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