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Mahr's U brewed in UK?
Posted by Jason on 2018-02-14 15:26:43
If I said Lager yeast then that was my mistake. Ale yeast, warm fermented, European hops and cold stored (after warm fermentation). Then served on cask. Sorry but that’s an ale in my book. 

On Zoigl, they have tried. Not sure who mr Cowley is but simply saying “the Germans (whomever they are) should sort themselves out on this” is a little simplistic. It’s hellish expensive and is a matter for the EU aa far as I’m aware. Anyhow the stipulations would be a nightmare. 
                               Mahr's U brewed in UK? by Jason on  2018-02-14 15:29:28
                                 Mahr's U brewed in UK? by TomM on  2018-02-15 03:11:53
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