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Posted by Jason on 2018-01-25 05:50:59
The last few days have been unseasonably warm in southern Germany, 13 degrees i think in Oberfranken yesterday. Possitively balmy (or barmy, for January). 

Although winter will return, the past few days have stirred up thoughts of Spring. Have I mentioned how rubbish the winter is here? Sure it's different for a while, but i'm over it now. On the flipside, it does make one appreciate the Spring... the smells and sound of nature, the symphony of glasses klinking and the gentle hum of contented drinkers from a nearby beer garden. The gradual warming of the sun...

Perhaps the arrival of spring will wake up the forum, where it's been pretty quiet without N... (ahem), in general. I don't have a huge amount my end admittedly. I have been mainly frequenting Spezi, Schlenkerla, Doerfleins and Rothenschild with the odd farther afield brewery thrown in. I nearly went into Faessla the other day (Barry), but our table in Spezi wasn't fully reserved so we stayed. In a beginner kind of way I'm becoming quite good at Schafkopf.

January, meh.      
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