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Off-topic: Help solve my PC problem!
Posted by FredW on 2018-01-09 08:56:52
My usual instructions for transfering stuff: "Open up Migration Assistant on the first Mac..." smiley

Back in the day -- 15-20 years ago I did use Laplink to move stuff around. Even came with a special cable with multiple variations of serial port connectors. It worked fine, though slow, (but that was the serial ports). Obviously that is not much of a recommendation for current software.

At first I was surprsised that Microsoft doesn't have something built in -- Apple's Migration Assistant is simple, painless and works. But I realized Apple wants you to buy new hardware so they want moving easy. Microsoft makes it's money (in your case) of the Operating System and that comes with the hardware so they've  got their money. And Dell doesn't want you buying an HP or Lenovo the next time so they don't want to make it too easy either.
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