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Festive Greetings!
Posted by Jason on 2017-12-20 09:13:44
Easy, Staffs / Shropshire. Enjoy. 

Ive just collected a 10litre barrel of kaiser (grassmannsdorf) festbier after enjoying it very much a few weeks ago. It will accompany my 10litre of Eichhorn dunkel. Don’t judge - my dad likes a seidla or two too. Tomorrow night is a tour of forchheim with friends and Friday I drive to Brittany via Unterbibert (lunch) and Michelsbach (Brauerei Adler) for bottles. Overnight in Homburg. 

After new year at franks I will be moving to new premises at the alte seilerei near the Europa Brücke. Hopefully I’ll be all done before 3 kings day on Saturday 6th for stärk antrinken- the Franconian tradition of getting absolutely rat arsed in the name of luck for the  coming year. And I’ll have a sofa bed Barry, in case you ‘miss’ any last trains. 

Always (normally) keen to meet visitors so aside from the usual suspects if you need any company or assistance just ask. 

Fröhliche Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch im neues Jahr an alle. Bis 2018. 
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