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Last Weeks Bamberg Trip
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-11-16 16:08:31
Really not sure what the discussion is about. I simply said that the guy's all right. I told him I don't like his beer, he liked that. That was before he changed it. We had a couple of nice conversations -- actually not at Mahr's, I've been with him and other brewers, though not in Bamberg that I can recall.

Yes, I guess I've seen much more of him outside of Bamberg than in it. He's a great guy, in fact. I'd gladly spend an afternoon talking with him about all kinds of stuff, he's seen and done a lot of different things in life.

I disliked him until I met him though.

The place seems exactly the same to me as it always has But then I'd only been a dozen times or so before I started seeing any of you lot there in recent years. I don't see that anything's changed but the beer going from barrel to keg. Service seems the same as it always has.

I'd never been there at 16:00 that I can recall. Not sure what would be so great about that...wouldn't it be over in like 10 seconds? Happens every hour or so at Schlenkerla.


I can see everyone getting upset about changing from barrel to keg. It was thin and bland before, too strong for the amount of character compared to umpteen other beers around. Now it's...whatever it is.

Didn't we have some discussion about whether or not the recipe itself has changed, or if it's just the method of dispense? It was certainly not gassy when I was in a few weeks ago; could've passed for ye barrel-dispense of olde. Like I think I said though, I could barely finish it.

What's that about a place not being JUST about the beer?
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