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Last Weeks Bamberg Trip
Posted by Jason on 2017-11-18 13:51:42
Indeed... then it seems you have sufficient options. Best breweries near Staffelstein are Pferdsfeld, vierzehnheiligen, Helmuth and Reblitz. Martin, Thomann and brauhaus ebensfeld are ok. On the other side of vierzehenheiligen (hill) are metzgebrau Uetzing, hetzel frauerndorf, Dinkel and lowenbrau Stublang and Staffelberg Brau Loffeld. 
                                   Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by Sol on  2017-11-18 14:50:18
                                     Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by barry on  2017-11-19 09:36:36
                                       Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by Sol on  2017-11-19 12:38:12
                                         Last Weeks Bamberg Trip by Barry on  2017-11-20 03:13:49
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