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January dilemna
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-11-05 03:26:35 limited experience's a bit hokey. Sure, equivalent of Star Trek wizardry compare to what I grew up with, but I also can't get it to work on my old, self-built desktop computer. Works on my new notebook & Handy though. 

As a Telekom customer, I get a new phone every two years. Various models cost more than others, I think my new Samsung was 10 or 20€. With a monthly Telekom contract, of course. I'm not sure how much thriftier I could've done it piecemeal, TBH. The trendier phones cost quite a bit more though.

I got on HTC originally because my mate the Tandleman had one. Then he left the fold for Samsung, whereas I stayed loyal for 3 phones. Still prefer the HTC's keyboard layout, but am adapting.
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