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Sesslach and surroundings
Posted by Jason on 2017-11-02 05:58:53
Prattling :))) 

I will see about a visit to Dingsleben soon. Will have to take the car (which is going to be why most people on this forum can't visit). Had their beers years ago from a Thuringian shop near Edinburgh (of all things in all places). 

I was also out and about over the weekend with friends. I drove to Heilgersdorf, Nankendorf and Oberailsfeld (Waischenfeld shut) and had a small beer in each - all very good. Then went to Maroldsweisach and Reckendorf (Schroll) as a passenger - really like to beer at Marold, quite sweet but lovely malty beer and at EUR1,90 extremely cheap. 

I also visited my favourite brewery in Doerfleins and enjoyed their unfiltered bockbier (i presume a special version as they advertsied it on the door - normally it's filtered). 

Enough prattling. 
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