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Sesslach and surroundings
Posted by Carl on 2017-11-03 08:21:01
I was in Coburg about a year ago, and wanted to get to Sesslach, but was not driving, and it was too late in the day for the bus.
On Google maps, two "St├Ądt. Brauhauses" are listed, along with Reinwand, who (I think) says something about a pipeline from a Kommunbrauhaus to their place. 
1. Why two brauhauses?  Is there more than one place getting their wort from these common breweries?
2. Should any of these facilities in Sesslach be considered "Zoigl's"?
I've been to Windischeschenbach, and know what "real" Zoigls are, but just wondering.
I've also found (on Google Maps) a few other Kummunbrauhauses around Germany, but really haven't found more than one place getting their wort.
             Sesslach and surroundings by barry on  2017-11-04 07:48:28
               Sesslach and surroundings by Carl on  2017-11-04 11:50:27
                 Sesslach and surroundings by barry on  2017-11-04 13:28:59
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