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Posted by Nick B. on 2017-11-03 01:02:50
Was a group of 19, apparently on a brewery-led piss-up. Never ran into them though. Fair enough, the Mahr's U and Keesmann Pils I managed were enough.

But whats-his-name at Spezial, the skinny boss. Always, always, the nicest, friendliest guy in town. Except Wednesday night. I came in and sat there for like 5 minutes. There were some people in the back room, and a couple who drank up and left at the next table over in the main room.

I sat there ignored, and when he finally came over, he said they were closed. No, even though I just wanted one while waiting for the train in 20 minutes, nope, we're closed. Nope. And he walked away and just ignored me.

Told him he might want to turn the light on the sign off to save energy when they close, a "typical German value". (Well, I didn't say that last bit out loud.) I wished him to be in a better mood tomorrow. He just ignored me. Weirdest thing ever.

Keesmann were also closing when I got there at 21:20 or so, but  you know the boss lady there. And she had her own mini-Pils to finish.

The U...still think it's better now than before, really not very gassy at all, but I could barely finish a Seidla.

Bamberg...meh. Better you than me!
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