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Posted by barry on 2017-11-04 08:09:24
Really, Jason, I think that you are exceeding your role as honorary PR person for Bamberg! 

My dictionary defines rude as: 'insulting or uncivil; discourteous; impolite - there are other definitions but I think that we get the drift.  And, yes, I have been subject to treatment in quite a number of Bamberg drinking establishments (I won't name them unless pressed!) that definitely comes within at least one of these categories.  Strangely, as I have commented in the past, I have rarely - in fact, possibly never (?) - come across such treatment in Franken (or the Oberpfalz) outside Bamberg.  I have come across quirky people and quirky places where the service has been odd (the guy in Riedl, Plossberg comes to mind) but never really rude.  

On the contrary, service is generally accompanied with a smile and, often, with a 'bit of fake love' (which can be quite nice!) and, to be honest, I think that it is something that we should reasonably expect.  After all, when we pay three times as much for Bier vom Fass as we do from a bottle from a shop, surely we should get something to make up for the extra?  Reasonably quick  and efficient service is something I think that we should take for granted.  Actually, when it doesn't happen (Andy, remember Trebon?), it is usually a sign of bad management.

I know that the staff in Bamberg are often very hard pressed but (and this is from one, who, as you know, is always on the side of the worker!) isn't this what they get paid to expect?  I've a fair amount of experience of working in pubs and it is much nicer to be busy than standing around, which is mind-blowingly boring!  Likewise, dealing with drunk people: they are pubs after all!

Is that Wolfi the brother of Christian Merz?  If so, I've always found him to be most pleasant and obliging.  But, I don't see why he couldn't have just said to you, 'Sorry, but we're closed now' - surely that wiuld have made it easier for him?

It's a funny old world (as Greavsy would say).
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