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OT: A long weekend in the mountains
Posted by Jason on 2017-10-20 01:47:00
haha well to be honest it was just a quick break, although due to football being cancelled on Sunday I ended up extending my stay (firstly) until Sunday and then again until Monday morning. Having lived in an island for so long and since living here relying on trains etc it was so nice to be spontaneous and drive straight to work early on the Monday. It also helps having a great employer who allows you to leave early on Friday and arrive when you want on the Monday morning. 

On the Saturday I went hiking in Lenggries (near bad Toelz). I had lunch at a hut which had beer from Kloster Reutberg - unfortunately way too gassy but the beer was probably good otherwise. I had time while waiting for the last lift down the mountain to have a Hopf (Miesbach) Weizen at the fantastic panoramic restaurant. Ironically i've actually been to Miesbach in search of the breweries' excellent weissbiers but had more luck 1600m up! I spent the evening in Braustuberl Tegernsee enjoying their helles. 

The weather on Sunday was also spectacular and I took an electric boat around Tegernsee for an hour before a couple of Schneider Weizen for lunch at the Braustuberl again - sat outside it was like summer. I then went up the Wallberg mountain and pottered about at the top before spending a few very pleasant hours sat in a deck chair at a gasthof drinking Tegernseer and Hopf. One cannot have overly high expectations of the beer in these touristy mountain places but I must say generally these hostelries provide beer from local breweries at reasonable prices (considering logistics, EUR4 for a beer isn't outragious. Berchtesgaden is also a great place for hiking with almost all the hostelries serving beer from the local brewery - clean beers if not spectacular but when one is hiking they hit the spot. 

That's it really. The weather made it, so clear and the colours of the trees and everything was fantastic. 
       OT: A long weekend in the mountains by barry on  2017-10-20 03:10:10
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