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Annafest and Canalissimo 2019
Posted by ANDREW H on 2019-08-18 07:25:20
Most of what you say sounds eminently sensible to myself Jason, I would expect crowds, drunks, high prices,and bearing in mind the fairground,families.
But young sir, to a man with empty pockets beer is never too cheap!
       Annafest and Canalissimo 2019 by Barm on  2019-08-19 02:37:11
         Annafest and Canalissimo 2019 by AndyH on  2019-08-19 04:53:47
           Annafest and Canalissimo 2019 by Barm on  2019-08-19 05:24:27
             Annafest and Canalissimo 2019 by AndyH on  2019-08-21 02:28:01
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