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Bierkopf / Schafkopf
Posted by Paul on 2018-10-10 11:41:40
Bierkopf is a simplified version of the 'normal' game in Schafkopf. There is no bidding and partners are fixed and known, unlike Schafkopf, where the winning bidder 'calls an Ace/Sow' of a suit he doesn't have (not the Heart Sow) and the player who has it becomes his partner but is not allowed to make that known. 
Trumps are the same as Schafkopf's normal game: the Obers of Acorns/Leaves/Hearts/Bells in that order; then the Unters in the same order; then the remaining Hearts in the order A 10 K 9 8 7.  You score 1 for a win, 2 for a win with 91 pts and 3 for a slam. During the first trick, you can double the stakes by saying "Contra". 
You play a set number of games (typically 21) and the team that loses buys the beer. 
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