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another closure
Posted by Jason on 2018-09-27 02:01:20
Well to me the 20 minute walk to the Bahnhof / centre of Hallstadt for the bus is no hardship, particularly as I'd prefer to drink in Doerfleins than, well, most places. The Kellerbier (from the keg, rather than tanks) was outstanding yesterday and accompanied me well on a good evening of Schafkopf wins. That aside, as you now have no options for drinking beer in Ebensfeld your nearest option is Unterneuses, Pferdsfeld or, in season, the Keller. None of which are an easy walk or possible with public transport to my knowledge. 

As for prices, well it's probably not viable anyway as it's for 4 people and newly refurbished so it won't be cheaper than Ebensfeld, though price isn't the only consideration. 

I tried the Rausch and it's fine. Can't remember much else. Prefer Eichhorn above Wagner considerably so I'd rather stick to the latter. 
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